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Industrial Post-Apocalypse

Industrial Post-Apocalypse

The Story

Forming the visual Landscape of Post-Apocalypse.

Welcome to the Post-Apocalypse!

Industrial sites are amongst my favourite photo scenarios. Especially those ones already haunted by crawling decay. They are the modern equivalents of Armaggedon. Forming the visual landscape of Post-Apocalypse.

In this episode of industrial decay I included a bulk of bold and bright cross processing. Cross processing means processing E6 slide film in C41 chemistry. Leave aside the hype: For some purposes this experimental technics offers unlimited possibilities. For me it is the natural born medium for industrial vintage photography. It wonderfully adds a post-apocalyptic feeling to every scenario.

I hope you are going to like that style same as I do. Enjoy!

Since you're here

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Kodak E100VS, Kodak E100G, Kodak 160NC.


Styria, Austria.


The Photos

Forming the visual Landscape of Post-Apocalypse.


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