I and I - Never Alone. Camera: Mamiya RB 67 Pro S. Film: Foma Retropan 320.

Self Portrait

There’s the saying that some people are never alone, even if they are the only ones in a room. I picked that topic already once in my series »Multi-Exposure: Flashlight Experiments«. The most recent part of this anthology you can watch in »Lucid Dream: Self-Concept«. Somehow it seems that I’m not done with that so far, so I jumped in again, took my flashlight off the hotshoe and brought some lightning into the darkness for a self portrait series.

This time I chose my Mamiya RB 67 Professional S for the shots. Mama Mamiya, the beast. Built like a goddamn tank. A big, heavy, beautiful piece of machinery with a phantastic lense. I think you already guessed that I love that camera, right?


Mamiya RB 67 Pro S


Foma Retropan 320