Abandoned Things

Updated, new photos in the gallery ★ “Looking at Things” is one of my favourites and a still growing collection unobtrusively focusing on the abandoned and the hidden. I’s about those little things in life, isn’t it?

While i feel medium format to be my favourite choice for this purpose, it is a mixed series and 35mm has it’s charms, too.


Kodak Portra 160, Kodak E100VS, Kodak E100G, Kodak 160VC, Kodak 160NC, Fomapan 100


Kiev 88, Lubitel 166, FED 2, Holga 120



If you liked that one…

… you might fearless head for something bigger and watch the roadmovie style series “Villa Decadimento”. If you prefer the smaller things, what about fruits on vintage tiles in “Fruit Tiles”? If you are more into the stranger things, “Desert Strange” is definitely for you. Your choice!